The objective of Continental Contracting Limited (CCL) is to provide a reliable and efficient service to our clients in the supply of pre-designated personnel to carry out contracts to their specifications.

To achieve the best possible results for our clients, CCL maintains a policy of employing as their representative, technical specialists with extensive experience in your branch, and through their appraisal of your request and requirements can assist you solving your personnel problem in the shortest possible time.


Working with Continental Contracting Limited gives you, as our client, the guarantee that every candidate has been subjected to a screening by our staff to establish the required degree of experience and technical ability. Employment and outplacement of technicians is guided by the following in-house rules.
1. Employment history.
2. References checked by our staff.
3. Social suitability.
4. Technical compatibility.
5. In-depth discussion with candidate.
6. Personal background.

British and International Requirement

All Continental Contracting Limited employees are subject to normal United Kingdom P.A.Y.E. conditions, and are also registered to pay Income Tax in The Netherlands, and Norway. When the employment of technical staff by CCL destined to work in member state countries is government by EEC law and is applied by CCL according to regulations set out under British labour and local employment rules.
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